Who Offers the Best Laundry Services in Bangalore?

Whether you are visiting India on business on for pleasure, it is simply a fact of life that our clothes need to be care for and cleaned. When you are in a foreign country, it can be hard to know where to go if your hotel doesn’t offer laundry service. And even if they do, they often charge an arm and a leg for taking your things to the best laundry services in Bangalore, and you can just take them there yourself and cut out the middleman.

The Place to Go

If you ask any well dressed person on the street of Bangalore, they will probably tell you to go to Pressto, a division of Press2 India Pvt Ltd. They have many locations throughout India. They offer the best dry cleaning and wardrobe maintenance. They have served over 150,000 customers in India and have cleaned an impressive over 50 million garments. They originally started in Spain in 1994 and has spread through 23 counties and have over 10 million customers.

What They Do

There is a reason that Pressto offers the best laundry service in Bangalore and that is because it is much more than a mere laundry service. They provide alterations and mending in addition to care for your shoes and other leather goods. Then there is the laundry cleaning services they provide. They offer hygienic cleaning that involves distilling dry-cleaning solvent to make it more hygienic so that you can know you are getting the best possible clean there is.

More Than Just Cleaning

Pressto has branched out and is offering more than keeping your clothes and accessories in tip-top shape. They have now opened a boutique called Pressto Zapato in India. The shop Not only does Pressto offer the best dry-cleaning service and wardrobe maintenance, but they also launched Pressto Zapato. It is a boutique in India that sells shoes, bags, and various accessories.

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