3 Ways to Deal with Lost Luggage

Dealing with lost excess baggage isn’t often pretty. But keeping a cool and steady head on your shoulders—and not being a jerk—would make for an ideal start. Not easy, though, especially when you consider all the time you waste dealing with the problem. Here’s how to help you deal with the situation a little better:

Use a shipping service

By shipping excess baggage ahead to your destination, you won’t have to lug your bags around as you try to catch your flight. Plenty of connecting ones? No worries. You can get on and off those flights with ease. Just ship your baggage to the address and your bags will be waiting for you once you get there. If you’re going on vacation, this is a good way to make things easy for you.

Don’t check them in

The best way to make sure your excess luggage doesn’t get lost or misplaced by the airline is not to check them in in the first place, says Forbes. This is an excellent way to avoid preventing all the hassle of filing for a claim, getting replacements for everything in the lost luggage and stressing yourself out with whether you’ll ever see that bag—and your things—ever again.

Pick a nonstop flight

The more connecting flights you have on a trip, the more chances you get of losing your bag along the way. By opting for non-stop flights, you have less odds of ending up with baggage problems. If there are several legs to your trip, go with nonstop ones as much as possible. By getting fewer flights, there are fewer chances for things to go wrong.

Don’t waste time dealing with a lost luggage. By shipping excess baggage instead of checking your bags in and picking a non-stop flight, you have a better chance of sparing yourself from lost baggage problems.

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