Top Three Ways to Make Your Packages Arrive Faster

Even when you need to send packages urgently, there isn’t a lot you can do about transfer times, especially when posting internationally. It is also difficult to predict when your recipient will be at home to receive the package. But with the right international courier company, you can have some level of control over when your packages arrive and ensure they are sent faster.

  1. Check Delivery Options

Consumer Reports suggests checking the options of your chosen service to see if they can make special arrangements for you if the recipient will be out of the house during the estimated delivery date. They could arrange to leave the package on a doorstep rather than make you wait to pick it up, convey it on another day, or set your own delivery time.

  1. Check Legal Requirements

You can prevent delayed or returned shipments by double checking what can legally be shipped to the country you are sending too. Some countries won’t allow items containing batteries, for example, and most won’t allow the shipping of weapons and firearms. Double check with your international courier company to find out what is legal and what isn’t.

  1. Use a Locker Service

PC World reports that many countries are using services such as Amazon Locker, which delivers parcels to a set of lockers for pickup rather than to a doorstep. This allows customers to pick up their parcels when it is convenient for them rather than wait at home or receive failed delivery notices. Check if the country you are sending to uses a service such as this and if you can take advantage of it.

Preparing your packages correctly, sending only legal items, and checking the options for your delivery service can help even international transport to go much faster. You can forever prevent the headache of waiting for transfers, obsessing over package tracking, and finding the dreaded failed delivery notices.

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