5 Things You Can Do to Solve Those Baggage Problems

You’ve probably experienced this a time or two: your heart rate climbs as you see the numbers rise. And you mutter through a prayer, while you wait for the worst. Dealing with extra baggage problems can be a real strain. Good thing there are plenty of ways to deal with the situation, all without paying those outrageous baggage fees:

Ship your bags

The Journal says it’s better to just use a baggage shipping service. Considering how much you’ll end up paying for those oversized bags, you get to pay less for that service with a shipping company.

Choose right

Make sure you do your homework. Know what kind of reputation the company enjoys before you hand over your luggage. Make sure they’re certified for the work. Review their services as well. They might have other services on offer that you’d want to take advantage of.

Pack with care

Using a shipping service doesn’t mean being careless with the way you pack your things. Have breakable souvenirs? Don’t stuff them haphazardly into that bag or pack. Make sure they’re protected with bubble wrap or clothes. Wrap them up in a towel for extra measure. That way, you won’t have to worry about them getting cracked or damaged during transport.

Unload items

You don’t have to bring your entire cabinet with you. So go through your entire luggage and unload unnecessary things. You can always wash a few shirts while you’re on vacation. Or just shop there. That should help lighten your load.

Weigh in

Weight checks are good since it gives you the average weight measurement of your bags, more or less. But don’t expect the numbers to be accurate down to the last digit. Stay on the safe side and don’t overload your bags. That should keep you from overloading your luggage.

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