3 Reasons To Buy A Mercedes E 350 CDI

If you are a true car enthusiast, you will not need to have any other reason to buy a Mercedes E 350 CDI other than the well-deserved reputation of this vehicle. This is more than just style or luxury; it is both rolled together in an iconic and amazing vehicle that is perfect for city driving as well as for driving on the highways.

The vehicle comes with a host of standard features that make it a truly unique driving experience. This is more than a car; it is a safe, fuel efficient and classic vehicle that is very similar in style and design to the C-Class Mercedes.

However, if you need any more reasons to buy a Mercedes E 350 CDI, here are just a few that make this a top choice for any driving conditions.

Roomy Interior

The interiors of the Mercedes E class vehicles are beautifully appointed. There is more than enough leg and headroom, even for taller people sitting in the front or rear seats. The seats in the front have a good range of motion and easy adjustment, perfect for individuals who like to customize their position in either the driver or the passenger seats.

Driving and Handling

The Mercedes E 350 CDI has great, even acceleration and offers highly responsive braking that gives a very smooth ride. It is designed to be a driver’s car and offers a very quiet ride even when accelerating. As a cruising vehicle for long travels, it is an easy car to spend hours in at a time both as a driver as well as in the role of a passenger.

The suspension of the vehicle is also superb, smoothing out small and larger bumps and irregularities it the road. This is an important consideration for those who spend time in traveling to and from work on a daily basis.


As with all of the Mercedes vehicles, a lot of attention has been placed on creating the perfect controls right at the fingertips of the driver. Offer the latest in technology and touch screen management it is an intuitive vehicle to make adjustments and to access controls without being distracted or having to take your eyes off the road.

Warning and assistance systems in the car, as well as electronic stability, acceleration skid control and the Adaptive Brake features, add to the safety of the vehicle, which is just another reason this is the right vehicle to purchase.

For more information on the Mercedes E 350 CDI or to view on in person at our showroom, drop by our dealership at B.U. Bhandari Motors.

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