Finding The Perfect Overseas Parcel Delivery Services

When searching for an overseas parcel delivery service, you want something that is perfect for your needs. While perfection isn’t possible, per se, you want a company that is willing to go above and beyond, as well as be fair with pricing and professional in nature. Finding these services can seem daunting until you have a few tips and tricks under your belt to help.


It is expensive to ship items internationally. It’s important that you realize that now because you won’t be disappointed later. Whether you’re shipping items to a new home or sending a care package to an ill grandmother, you want to ensure that you sort through your options and compile a list of at least three.


It is never a good idea to go on a recommendation from someone else alone. You’ll still need to research and find the perfect option for you. However, your friends or family members may have experience shipping items overseas, and you can find an excellent place to start by asking them who they use.

When you find a few companies, ask for references from past clients. They should be willing and able to provide at least three for you to contact on your own time.

Getting Quotes

Many parcel delivery services will allow you to get quotes directly from their website. Of course, the quote you receive will be based on the information you provide. If something changes or you’re unsure of the weight, it could cost more. However, you’ll get an accurate idea of costs from different companies and won’t have to sort through a lot of estimates or comparisons.

If you’re shipping a lot of items or aren’t sure of the weight, you can request a visual survey of the goods or take the items to the store to have them weighed for you.


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