Using the Internet to Find Candidates for Arab Matrimony

While arranged marriages are traditional in many Muslim countries, many modern Arabs, especially those living in or from Western countries, want to find their own spouses. Online matchmaking can be a good option for those wanting to find someone suitable for Arab matrimony. Going online to search for a spouse is a modern way to meet other Muslims and still adhere to traditional marriage customs.

Courting Rules for Muslims

Courting is different for Muslims than it is in many other cultures, because it isn’t done casually by adolescents like it is for most Westerners. Instead, courting is done only when Muslims are ready for Arab matrimony, and engagements often happen soon after meeting possible candidates for marriage. Then the couple will socialize between the engagement and marriage in order to get to know one another.

Most encounters are chaperoned because it is considered inappropriate for single Arab women to meet Arab men alone, so a family member will usually accompany on their encounters. Families are also important when Muslim couples are considering Arab matrimony, because they will meet and discuss their children, their futures and what they expect from them. This will help determine if the family approves of the couple. If they do not, it could easily end an engagement.

Meeting Online

Online marriage sites allow young Muslims to meet and get to know each other without breaking traditional nikah customs. They can search for the type of person they want in a spouse, such as someone educated, career oriented or ready for Arab matrimony. Then, once they decide whether they find each other compatible, they can meet face to face.

There are many marriage traditions in the Muslim world. Even though it is a modern convenience, the Internet can be a great place for Arab singles to meet their future spouses.

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