Packing for Your Overseas Move

Before any move, there is a large list of “to do” items. However, when moving internationally you have so much more to take care of. For example, packing up all your belongings must be done very carefully because shipping household goods overseas takes special care, if you want your things to arrive in one piece. Here are some useful tips to consider when you are packing for an overseas relocation.

Don’t Use Cheap Boxes or Containers

If you want to save money on moving, don’t cut costs on containers. Your things could pass through several different shipping services and could be handled a number of times. This increases the odds for damage to boxes (and this can damage your possessions). What are you going to do if one of your boxes breaks open a thousand or more miles from home?

Secure Your Packages

It’s important to use high quality tape when shipping household goods in boxes. Make sure to completely seal both top and bottom. In fact, you should place extra shipping tape on box bottoms because this section will take most of the pressure when lifted and loaded. The best way to tape your boxes is with a special taping tool. They are inexpensive and will give you a smooth application. Plus, you won’t waste any tape.

Secure Fragile Things

If you are packing breakable items, it is not sufficient to simply place newspaper or special packing in the box. Each item should be wrapped separately with bubble wrap material. You may need to tape the bubble wrap to make sure it does not come off during transit.

Clearly Mark All Boxes

Make sure your name and the name of the destination is clearly written on all boxes. Do not use pencil or ink pen. Instead opt for a permanent marker which is waterproof. Standard marking can easily get rubbed off during shipment. Don’t forget to place arrows showing which is the top and bottom of boxes.

Appliances and Electronics

Your refrigerator and freezer should be turned off and unplugged at least a day ahead of time, before shipping. This allows water to drain. Before shipping household goods, computers must be packed with care and remove appliance light bulbs. Tape anything which could become loose (like microwave rotation trays and remote controls).

Use a Trusted Shipper

Check out shipping companies ahead of time. Choose a service which can handle all your shipping requirements and compare shipping rates so you can save money.

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